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What kind of utterly misguided fanboy logic is this? Are you prohibited from complaining about a faulty TV you have bought because you have never built a TV before? Of course not! It's the same here. We all pay money for a (so called) premium game service so we are entitled to complain if we think the game isn't working as intended. Your kind of thinking helps no one.
You make a good point, given that you should be able to question when something you are paying for does not behave according to what you were lead to expect.

However, if I walk into the place I bought my faulty TV and grab the guy by the scruff of the neck and yell at him about "What the heck is he doing, and why the heck haven't I gotten what I paid for" I am a jerk, and should not conduct myself that way.

We only have these forums to communicate with the people who make the game that we enjoy. They are doing a job, and trying to pin down these you think they'll enjoy their job more if we treat them however we like?

Or should we maybe ask questions in a calm and collected manner and provide all the information we can, so they can get things done in a more orderly fashion?
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