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Really because the current PvE content is so easy you don't need that much gear for any of the Ops.

HM EC requires Full itemized Rakata - stock Rakata is terrible.

Nothing in the game right now requires Black Hole/Campaign gear.

You can do Story EV/KP in Recruit and HM EV/KP in Battlemaster.

You could try Nightmare EV/KP in Battlemaster but I suspect that you would have one heck of a tough time.

You can do HM LI in a Recruit Battlemaster mix so FPs are EZ.

HM EC would require itemized War Hero with 14/14 Augments. It would be doable, but tough (you might need datacron bonus).
I guess you could do it as a self-imposed challenge, but that's what 8 manning 16 man Ops is for
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