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A. a Subscription gives you free Cartel Cash to spend on "Better" gear (aka cosmetic gear, cause that's all that will appear in this store) LOTRO does this, and it's exactly how it works.. I look at an item in the store, decide if I want it, and then spend my cash I get every money on it...

B. You'll have access to the store just like them... Like I said, you get free cash every month to spend in the store.

Now some people don't like this sort of thing, I'll use an example though..

I have a life time subscription to LOTRO that i bought long ago before it went f2p...Every month despite the fact i don't spend any money on subscription cost, I get 500 Turbine Points for free...I automatically get all new content in patches for free.....since my account is basically a subscription...But now since Turbine also releases Expansion packs in the store as well..I can spend my free cash on the expansion pack that comes out... Rohan expansion coming in September for example.. I'll get that for free just by wasting my turbine points on it.. So It just saved me an extra $40-50 dollars I would have to spend If I wanted it.
So if im a 90 days trail,how will mine free cash work?

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