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Never played EQ can't comment.
You would be amazed. WoW looks a lot like EverQuest. It was not original. I'm not saying SWTOR is totally original, but the VO'd story-driven leveling system sets it further apart from WoW, than WoW was to EQ.

15 ppl on fleet on a good day.

The legacy perks allow you to level faster. Don't deny this - it will be P2W.
I just don't think leveling faster is P2W. Maxing out your character will be done in Operations. An XP boost won't help you there. It will just help you get to 50 faster.

$15 a month isn't free. 1 WZ added and a loss of world pvp. Plus some random FPs. I'd say we broke even
I just meant that there has been no cost above the sub.
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