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This is a full on novel fan-fiction I am working on. It's also being posted on my account: Flame800900 where it will be updated first, and my diventArt account Flame800900.

The book is going to be a two part book with the prologue before part one. The story does follow Revan, but I was being highly uncreative and named him Avner for until he takes the name Revan. I'm also using the Revan seen in Drew Karpyshyn's novel Revan and not the Revan I played when KotOR came out.

Here is the prologue.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Mandalorian Wars
Prologue: A Knight’s Mission

A chill passed over Avner. The Force echoed with ice. His breathing slowed further. Darkness pressed on him from all sides. It wasn’t the darkness of meditation. The darkness was etched with the chill. The Force vibrated around him. A vision lurked just out of reach.

I’m here. I’m listening. The thought brought the sight no closer to Avner. His breathing slowed further. Every breath he took was meant to match the beating of his hear to the pulsation in the Force. I’m here.

An image began to leak into Avner’s mind. Light exploded before him. Flames engulfed a world. A rush of images filled his mind. A twi’lek woman reached out for him. Her blue eyes were pleading. The world burned before him. Armored figures marched. Their blasters fired on the fleeing civilians.

The woman stretched out her hand to Avner. Her lips moved. No sound came. Flames wrapped around her. NO!


Crash, pain shot through Avner’s shoulder as landed on the hard, stone floor. Several chairs crashed to the floor around him. The ceiling danced in dizzying circles over Avner.

“You were doing it again,” an amused voice choked out. It sounded as if Alek was trying not to laugh at Avner’s fall. Trying and failing not to laugh, that was.

“That so?” the words trickled from Avner. The ceiling was only just starting to slow from its wild dance.

“The chairs were moving around you.”

Shaking his head, Avner wished the ceiling would just stay still. It was hard to think to straight. He pressed his palm to his head.

At last the dizziness passed. “Why are you here? I thought you disliked mediation.” Avner sat up and looked up at his friend. It was no easy task seeing as Alek stood at a good two meters.

“Master Vandar wants to speak with us,” Alek informed him.

“About?” Anver asked as he stood. He tried to smooth the creases in his old robes to no avail.

“I didn’t ask. He just told me to get you and said it was important.”

“Then we’d best not keep him waiting.” Anver walked passed his friend and into the familiar halls of the Jedi temple.

For being on the most populated world in the Republic, the Jedi temple was always peaceful. It’d been built away from many of the major parts of Coruscant. Traffic was directed away from the temple. It was a place of solace, peace, and learning.

“You still set on not taking the trials again to become a master?” Alek asked as they walked.

“I can do more good as Knight than I cold as a master, Alek. I’d be attached to one temple most of the time and only get to leave upon occasion.”

“Yeah, but you’d have more access to the archives. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“That’s a fare point, but still no. I’d rather be able to help people than have access to the archives. There’s nothing wrong with that,” Avner said with a shrug.

“I guess not.”

Silence fell between them. Before too long Avner and Alek arrived at the room Master Vandar was within. The old master was currently between lessons with the younglings here. Normally he would be over seeing the training on Dantooine. He’d come to Coruscant for a brief time before he’d return to the plains world.

“Master Vandar,” Avner began as he stopped and bowed to the old master, “you summoned us?”

“Young Knights.” Vandar turned his hover-chair so he was facing them. A small smile appeared on his wrinkled, green face. “Alek, I’m sending you to Alderaan. The current ruler has asked for a Jedi to aid him.”

“Wouldn’t Avner be more suited for this mission, Master?” Alek asked. “Or another consular?”

“Avner was requested by an outer rim world. He’s been there before and the government knows him. Alek, the rest of your mission is described here.” Master Vandar held out a data-pad to Alek. “You’re to head to Alderaan immediately.”

“Yes, Master,” Alek said with a bow of his head. He glanced at Avner before leaving the two of them

“Avner, there is another reason you’re being sent. There is a great disturbance in the Force.”

The two of them started out of the room. Avner matched his pace to Vandar’s slow hover-chair. “A disturbance, Master?” Could it be what Avner had felt? No, the masters had decided the Order wasn’t to get involved with the skirmishes over the outer rim territories. The mandalorians weren’t a threat to the Order, thus they wouldn’t send Avner, or any knight, to help the outer rim with the invasion forces.

“The council feels there might be a Sith or fallen Jedi taking refuge on the planet,” Vandar explained. “There’s a great darkness there.”

“Why send me?” Avner asked, not meaning to sound as rude as he had. It was no secret, well not to him, that some of the masters saw Avner’s eagerness for knowledge dangerous. One master thought he’d turn to the dark side at any moment because Avner sought to further his understanding of the Force.

Of course Vandar didn’t answer the question. “Your shuttle departs in an hour,” as Vandar spoke he held out a ticket to Avner. “Find the source of the disturbance and report back to the council. If it is a fallen Jedi, the council will send a master to bring them in. You’re not to do anything rash, understood?”

“Yes, Master Vandar.” Avner bowed his head to Vandar, his jaw tight.

Not do anything? Then why send Avner at all? Wouldn’t it be better if Avner delayed the fallen Jedi until the master got there? If there was even a fallen Jedi. In his vision he’d seen Mandalorians not Sith. Could his vision be about the same disturbance the masters sensed?

Taking the ticket from Vandar, thoughts raced around Avner’s mind. Was it foolish to think the disturbance could be caused by the mandalorians? The masters were almost… fearful the Sith would return. What if the Sith weren’t the threat here?

Avner started off. It was possible Avner was just being paranoid and the vision had nothing to do with this mission. Then why would the Force send it to him at all? There were no coincidences. The masters always said this. There was a possibility Avner had just had a strange dream while meditating, but who dreamed while meditating? He knew he hadn’t fallen asleep… what else could it be but a vision?
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