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That's the beauty of F2P.
That's fine, but there was an opportunity cost to going F2P. It's obviously been in the works for a while and probably using resources that could have been spent on more content and bug fixes.

Could those resources have been used to get 1.3 out a month earlier? Could HK-51 already have been released a few weeks ago? Could nightmare EC have been on the PTS right now? How many subscribers would have stayed if news of this content had been available earlier?

No one will ever know. Maybe enough subscribers would have stayed to avoid the whole F2P thing altogether. I don't want this post to be too negative so I will say that I don't really care *how* I pay for content (subscription, or "cartel coins"). I don't expect to be given anything for free. But if they are serious about getting content out quicker, now is the time to prove it.