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You don't get any social points if you are not grouped with other players.

If you are going to solo NM Esseles, it shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes at your level, if that. I have soloed it with toons in the 20's and it didn't take too long. I don't know about HM, or if it is even soloable in HM (I doubt it would be).

If you are just looking for social points, your best bet is to find three other players also looking for social and speedrun through it.

ok, thanks. Because I often have time constraints, and cannot count on playing for long periods of time, I have not really PvEd, as I said before. However, how many hard modes can be done quickly, and at what time, and how hard is it to get columni? and are ops that much faster at getting columni than Flashpoints? I know about the bh comms from gf, and all that. And about getting rakata implants and eirpiece, and campaign relics from dailies. I probably would just stick with flashpoints, for fun, but not get into ops, therefore not getting too high of a gear level, I know.
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