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08.02.2012 , 09:16 AM | #718
SargeShadywlaker just demonstrated the stark difference between an individual aware of the fiscal realities of a company marketing a product and searching to find a way to retain profitability in one of the worst economies in the last half-century and those that seem to think they are entitled to continuous materials beyond basic maintenance for their subscription dollars.

Bioware and EA do not owe us anything.
We pay for the continued maintenance of the game and if enough profit occurs to bankroll new projects extended content will be provided.

I do not recall signing a legal agreement with Bio/EA when I subbed that guaranteed a continuous flow of new content.

We are not entitled to continued development simply because we have subscribed.

We pay for the game in its current state.

Free-to-play game purchases and micro-transactions might provide a new influx of revenue that would allow continued development. That would be ideal.

So long as my subscription retains maintenance of my server and full access to my characters I do not care.