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I dont get all the doom and gloom...and Bioware Ruined my SWTOR! and Damn them to the firey pits of hell talk ...

If anything they have now given people more options with wich to choose how they want to play. You can now choose to play the game free and have less access to a few things in game but you could still play. College and high school students who wanted to play this game probably love this concept. Also familes on a tight budget in our poor economy as well or players new to the MMO concept and want to get their feet wet. But for die hard fans and hardcore raiders and gamers they have and likethe paid option still gives them everything they have already gotten and now access to coiins to get more free stuff for their expierence and for being a loyal paying customer. Its basic marketting principals, try to widen the market and generate more interest from a wider range of folks out there.

More people on the servers and more folks doing microtransactions for the cartel coins, though I know they havent announced that for sure Im sure they will, will help to keep the game and the servers on. In the world off free game apps on facebook and smartophones, ipads and ipodtouches, the pay as you go model has declined in popularity alot since this infusion of these gaming outlets and though alot of folks still dont mind paying a monthly fee for their games alot more wont get within o ten foot pole of game that you have to buy and then continuiously pay for to play. What alot of compaines are now all doing in this MMO genere is try to make a hybrid system that caters to both groups to keep their game alive as long as they can until the next thing wins people over.

To me the more options and exposure bioware can generate for this game and keep people interested in it and giving them multiple options and ways to play it is not only going to keep the game alive longer but is a smart business and marketing move onn their part to try to maximise their games potential and continue to expand on it. those who pay will have perks that those who dont wont...their will most likely be some kind of microtrasnactions to unlock certain things for those who play for free to unlock with real world money while those who pay already will get them free or at laest with their coins they are given.

Tons of MMOs had success with this. LOTRO, Champions online, DDO, Rift, Etc...Also GW and Likely GW2 which were always F2P hang around awhile and while they were industry toppers in gross income made for their companies, they made their compaines in profits while keeping alot of gamers havig fun with each other in the MMO scene.

Lets face it if so many people didnt already have so many years and money already invested in their WOW accounts theyd be hanging their subs up for that game too and many already have...the death of the completly subscription only story driven MMO has arrived... the masses have shown they already demand other options for their gaming dollars...while some will still preferr this method if companies limit themselves to ONLY that option they lose out on tons of revenue and potential customers by having no other options out there to continuously obtain new players to there game, espcially in the world of Mobile device App gaming, and F2p MMOs and very low cost independant games out there...sure most those arent AAA titles or games, but if people are just wanting to kill a few hours a week or a couple a day they have sooo many options now that they never had in the past that companies have to rethink their strategies for marketing their games to todays consumer.