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The death of this game will NOT be F2P. Its either gonna be P2W or poor quality patches that are gonna be to far apart. And since EA document clearly says that SW is not their main concern, and with all the lay offs One can not help but to be pesimistic about it.

Wouldn't it be awsome if layed off developers had a top secret agreement with Lucas to continue developing on SW in the darkest corners of the universe until its done the way it was suposed to be. Then Lucas performs "Coup de grace" and yanks the licence and we all get the best game of our lifes ... ah if only game world wasn't run by ppl who only see in games their money value.

I for sure will try my hardest to avoid anything with EA logo on it from now on!
As much as I would love for that to be true, I honestly would likely not play it. This is my second Star Wars MMO that I have been burned by. I have pretty much given up hope for a good, QUALITY Star Wars MMO. One that has all of the features a MMO is supposed to have while providing the Star Wars experience. Heck. I'm pretty much done with MMO's period. After 9 years of being burned by developers who have no clue how read their client base and ignore feedback from their player base, whether in a General Discussion forum or especially their test center forums, I'll stick with my Xbox and SPG's with some online multiplayer elements.
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