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08.02.2012 , 08:01 AM | #712
I don't have a problem with F2P. Many fun games have gone that route. What concerns me the most is this...

"We have a great lineup in development including: a new Operation, Terror From Beyond, a new heroic mission series on the planet of Belsavis; a set of level 50 space combat missions for those looking for the ultimate challenge mode; introduction of a dangerous new Companion to accompany you; and for our PvP fans, a new warzone, Ancient Hypergate!"

Absolutely nothing mentioned here is going to keep me playing SWTOR. Nothing. What this game desperately needs more than anything is repeatable randomized soloable content. Think along the lines of BH missions in SWG or newspaper missions in City of Heroes. Voice acting isn't necessary, text-driven from terminals is perfectly fine. But the bottom line is that solo gameplay post-level cap is beyond broken and doesn't seem to be any sort of priority to the devs. Leveling up is such a joy in SWTOR. I'd say the best in any MMO I've ever played. But unless THAT experience continues post-cap (not heroics, not flashpoints, not PvP....I mean soloable story-driven gameplay) then ultimately this will only be a game that I return to once a year or so, play a toon to level cap, and then drop out until the urge hits me to level a new one a year or so down the road. In short, it will be like a typical console game, not a continuing MMO universe.

Bottom line: For me leveling is the best part of this game by far, and I'd like to see continuing that experience to be the priority. Otherwise I will just be an occasional player.