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If a dev does a response to all of this, I have a question. As a subscriber, when I go to log in, it says I have priority in the que over a FTP. If my server is jammed full of FTP players, will one of them get kicked when I try to log in, or do I have to sit around and wait in que even though I am a subscriber?

Other than that , I really dont care about FTP. But I really do not think it is fair as a paying subscriber to have to sit and wait for access to a server while a FTP player enjoys the game.
Pretty sure it'll work like it did when DCUO went F2P and the servers got jammed up. As a paying subscriber, I got "Legendary" access. Meaning, if I logged in the same time as someone F2P, I went ahead of them to login, but waited behind someone who was Legendary.
And accessing a game server with no wait isn't a perk, one of many reasons I left DCUO for SWTOR.
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