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08.02.2012 , 06:32 AM | #705
I'm Not someone who bought the CE, but I did buy the game the Night It came out. I have paid to play since day one. Through all the tough patches. The 5-8 hours of Downtime a week for Server maintenance. I was one of the first 50's on my server that wasn't from the CE pre-launch players.

I don't know how hard I can say that I've tried. I was lucky enough not to be one of the people that had to move servers or lose characters. I just don't understand why they tried so hard, to stop trying all together. It's tough for me to realize that a Company that is Going to Cons to promote their product doesn't care for it. If they do care then Customer Support would be helpful (they're not). If they cared about the product, then they wouldn't punish players for being faithful.

My only hope with this F2P, is that they make Specific Servers For F2P only. Not like they don't have 30 down. I just don't want the Communities that have Been Struggling to survive through this tough time to die out.

The biggest part of an online game is the Community. That's why these Forums are so active. That's why there is such an outrage.

I really just don't want to Lose the Sportsman-like PvP my server is proud of as well as Destroy the rest of the Already small guilds that are surviving they're poor choices and neglect.