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Me too.

I have suffered through the F2P conversion of Star Trek Online and that game became P2W. P2W is just how F2P makes money. It is a sad truth.

I will remain subbed until the point where the first P2W item hits the cartel shop. Then I'm out of this game because I won't make the same mistake twice. I learned it the hard way when I trusted PWE/Cryptic Studios to do right by the Star Trek IP.

EA/Bioware disappointed me in the past too. All I have to say is ME3. Never played it because of the Origin Spyware requirement. I don't have much trust and faith left to give to the gaming industry.
I know how u feel about the industry, it's out of line and it seems the older games are much more fun without the have to sign a spyware contract which I did for my brother, and we use the same computer, though i'm building a new 1 now. But every1 should know this is crappy EA junk, not Bioware as page 23 says on the Ea quaterly report or you can see it on the page before this 1 I think or near the middle of this page.
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