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I understand many of the fears of the players. Yet I fully support this move. I fully support Bioware. Yes, I do have a few issues. Yet I will still be playing this game, because Star Wars means something. It was part of my childhood growing up. The few fond memories I have of my childhood was when my father and I would sit down and watch the movies.
I refuse to give up on this game. Why, you ask. My answer is as simple as this Bioware doesn't disappoint and neither does Star Wars.

Many other games have succeeded while being F2P. Look at City of Heroes, Or any of the multiple others that you can search that you can download. People are just scared that their personal experience will change, because of the people who don't take the game seriously. You can ignore said people.
Very well said. It's easy to panic when a change is announced, but every MMO I've played that has changed to a F2P model has not only stayed around, but has improved. Why not see how Bioware is going to run the game as F2P before yelling about it?