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08.02.2012 , 03:28 AM | #1
I looked up RECENT posts and no one seems to have recently spoken up about this, but our guild has this happen to us on almost a weekly basis.

During the SOA encounter, generally when entering into the 3rd phase of the fight, multiple players will not be able to see Soa. This seems to happen in multiple ways. Sometimes he will just stay up above the group for those payers visually so they are never "in range" of him. Other times, he will drop down but not stop and fall through the floor, again leaving him outside visual range. He will ALSO occasionally just vanish completely.... once again leaving him unable to be attacked.

On occasion when a player is pulled into a Mind Trap then released they can once again see Soa, but this is not always the case, and since WHO goes into a mind trap also cannot be controlled, its not really a solution to the problems.

This weeks attempt 3/4 DPS were unable to see him for both attempts (also 1 healer). The first attempt killed us because the only DPS who could see him was mind trapped multiple times, and the second attempt we killed him by waiting out multiple pillars DURING the enrage... luckily one of our tanks were able to not get hit by the pillars, and the DPS who could not see him were able to focus on Mind Traps to free the healers and 1 DPS who could.

Please BW, can we get a solution to this issue... Operations are already few and far between with only 3 available.

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