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Hi, first time posting so I'm trying to keep to the faq as closely as possible.

My character Zel'ekka'no, level 14 Imperial Agent Sniper on Dromund Kass on the server The Twin Spears ran into an issue with the Mask of Revan quest. Around 6pm US Eastern time I got into the compound, found the mask, and activated the cinematic wherein my character collects it and then transitions into a fight. Immediately following the cinematic, my character was in a stunned state, not responding to move commands and swaying in place (as I had seen several times already). This state did not go away, even while fighting. I managed to survive the fight, possibly unfortunately, and remained stunned. I quick travelled to the Revanite Camp, but arrived still stunned. I attempted the /stuck command, but was it did not do anything. I submitted a customer service ticket, and waited about a half an hour. At this point I was curious if logging off would help, so I did just that.

This is where the real trouble begins. I attempted to log back in with my character, and while loading the world my router dropped my connection, resulting in having to quit and relaunch the game. After queueing for thirty minutes I got in to my character roster. I selected my agent and it began to load. It reached halfway and could not continue. I tried this several times, waiting close to twenty minutes on each loading attempt, until giving up at about nine at night. I did not try loading a different character.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit with an Intel core 2 duo 2.66 gHz and an NVIDIA geforce gtx 420 se, and I'm away from home currently but I checked for a driver update late last week. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!