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08.01.2012 , 04:00 PM | #606
I canceled my sub 2 days ago but I didn't know anything about F2P then. This game haves a huge list of pro's which makes it better then any other MMO in those fields, but also haves a list of con's that made ppl leave the game and making game F2P aint gonna bring ppl who quit cause ppl who quit wanna see imaginative fights in PvE and PvP.
F2P imo will bring PvP freaks who will do the permited amount of matches per week and then play some other games till resets. It might bring some peeps who will come to check it out and fall in love with it by the time they reach lvl50 and decide to sub. but those wont be in majority.
I will come back, and play with sub. once new content hit the servers but if its gonna be boring, unimaginative then I'll just cancel it again.
My recommendation is make every boss fight a fun one, also make like 60 quests that will play out on all planets and give them randomly as daily assignments thus making sure all planets are visited and you never know what quest is gonna hit you once you log in.
Bioware creative team needs to be better, braver and bolder. IMO short fun daily quests that only a selection of ppl get thus making you feel more special, PvP fights like huttball where you have to utilize your suroundings and teammates and in PvE each boss fight to be a fun boss fight like SOA and Warlord Kephess where fight progresses in stages where each stage is unique is what this game needs.
Ppl already listed what they want so see in the game I belive (more species, same gender romance, more customatization in any race not just human, options to customize fonts and colors of demage&heals, to see only your own debuffs on enemy, more spells for some classes cause commando compared to a sentinel is like retarded 3 button rotation mostly etc.). Work on adding more end game content in shorter time intervals, like 2-3 months and fix/upgrade existing features and the game will be the best MMO in this decade for sure.