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08.01.2012 , 03:39 PM | #605
Well I've played Just about every MMO out there... I can say F2P saved Conan, Saved Star Trek amd Saved DC online somewhat... I would say Conan was the big winner going F2P. As far as me I perfer sub's cause it keeps all the rift raft out... all the players that just want to talk crap and really dont add to the community. It does generally help those casual players because they usually dont sub but do micro transaction to buy gear instead of earning it themseleves. I was very happy with the server mergers as it made a ton of servers pop'n ... All I can say is there are 10's of millions of players that will pay sub's if the game is good enough. So all Bioware can do is figure out why it didnt happen to a game that has the best fanchise possibilty in the world!