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Hello player community and hopefully a Bioware employee intrigued by the title of this thread. I was thinking about the end-game and how it lacked in content. Sure, there is pvp, datacron hunts, grinding for armour and getting any pets; but I would like to lend you some of my ideas.

The end game really is lacking, and that's one of the reasons the game has lost so many subscribers over the last few months, mostly all people upset because of the lack of end game content. I have several ideas pertaining to people who want to see larger battles between the Republic and the Empire rather than small skirmishes, and also for people who want to see the idea of space battles expanded.

Of course, when it comes to large battles, how well the player's computer can handle the game has the be considered, but I am going to ignore that fact throughout the post and you could decide what needs to be changed. (I myself have quite good computer, I never lag in pvp unless my internet is lacking or there is server wide lag.)

When it comes to large land battles and awesome cut scenes of battles between Republic and Imperial troopers, that area is very lacking. I don't know if I came up with this idea because I spontaneously got a surge of creativity, or if I borrowed the idea from another game I have played in my relatively young life, but the idea is this: The goal of the player is to complete as many objectives as they wish, and making difficult decisions that pertain to the state of the battle.

The player will be put in a situation where they must defend or attack a position or military force, and they get to make decisions that could alter the course of the battle. Their force could be outnumbered, outgunned, and outwitted to begin with, but through the player's actions and decisions, the tide of battle could change dramatically. For example: I am on my level 50 sorcerer and I decide to partake in one of these events. The battle looks like this at the moment; We are outnumbered 500 to say 150 and we have lost our commander and now a lowly Sergeant leads the force of 150 men. There could be objectives that include crippling the opposing force's numbers by killing say 30-50 of them, stealing their ammunition and supplies or destroying it. Of course, stealing it would be made harder so that the decision you makes has a serious impact on how much more difficult your job in the endeavour is and how the battle will turn out. if you steal the ammunition, it will be difficult, though still possible, and that will give your men the advantage. Because, what's an army without ammunition to use to fire at the opposing force? Canon fodder. Destroying their ammunition would be easier, but then your men still aren't swimming in ammunition either. There could be so many possibilities and even objectives that don't include making a difficult choice.

I cannot recall any other game that has any idea like this. At least, any MMORPG. Of course, at the end of all fo these difficulty tasks and choices, you get to see imperial forces and republic forces go at it in an all out massacre; which you get to partake in! Of course, the enemy side consisting entirely of NPCs, they would be made to target your forces more often than you. Only vehicles and explosives would be capable of destroying other vehicles, but the player could still partake in cutting down enemy forces. The Imperial and Republic forces should not be made to only do a limited amount of damage to an enemy, like when you fight along side "Thana Vesh" on Taris, she only does a limited amount of damage. This could make for a lot of awesome cut scenes, and it would help the game live up to the cinematics as well! I had a similar idea for space battles, and almost an entirely different idea.

The similar one is the same but just in space, though this time, you go in your ship and destroy everything in site. And I meam whole ships turning into star dust, not just flames and then you hyperspace away. My entirely different idea goes like this: You own your own Capital ship or Frigate, depending on the mission, and you are stationed on the bridge. It is your job to command all of the ships in the area from an overhead view on a map and tell which ships to attack which enemy ships, and where to damage them in a strategic manner. Say so that you destroy their engines so they slow down or stop moving entirely. Also, you get to take up one of the stationary guns on the ship and shoot first hand, kind of like the scene after the gang escapes the Death Star in A New Hope. Or as a better example, just like in the game "Star Wars: Battlefront 2," in the space battles. In the overview RTS style space battles, you could also have the option to give your commands and watch as the enemy vessels are ripped apart by your force, again, with real explosions and huge ships combusting into flames. Perhaps you could even take a shuttle to an enemy ship to destroy it from the inside because you're having trouble destroying it with your own ships.

These ideas I believe could spring so very much content into the game, and I thank you for your time. If a single Bioware employee reads this, please consider my ideas.
none of this involves other people which is what a mmo is. that is the main reason you have yet to see it in a mmo.

it is far easier to build on what there is a foundation for rather than start from scratch. what you propose has no foundation to build on.

i cant see how this will appeal to a majority of players.

people please don't flame me for inserting paragraphs. i did the best i could with the material i was given and the time my burning eyes would allow.