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i am so over gaming companies especially EA, i am done with Bioware, they hype this all up for failure, Bioware screwe up by selling out to EA, i don't care what the reason was, in my mind its all politics and we got screwed, i am fed up,EA is the worse gaming company as far as how they treat the community, so long EA and Bioware, i even refuse to buy mass effect 3 just because of how they ignored SWTOR and sold us out, all that money foor nothing all this updating my comp was for nothing, i am going to swgemu and will stay there.
I understand your fears. I myself was thinking the same thing. Yes EA has destroyed many things in it career. Not up to or including other game franchises or movie licenses.
Over all though, Mass Effect 3 was a decent game. (I say decent because I haven't finished it yet myself) I implore all the Bioware fans not to give up on them. They have created great games for all of us to play through. They earned the right to be a 5 star game development company. EA on the other hand just has more money. So they did what anyone with money does, they bought something. This something was Bioware. Then EA decided to put timelines and what not on every game Bioware has. So in the end it's EA not Bioware.
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