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08.01.2012 , 03:20 PM | #602
I was defended the game when everyone else said this game will be F2P. Well you fanboys of F2P got what you wanted, but with a catch. Free to level 50, but if you want to do more you have to pay. Gives the casual gamer's their freedom to play without having to raid and be restricted on other areas as well. I will continue to sub as intended, cause I like this game and this game is what SWG should have been if SOE ever got their heads out of their *****'s.

DC Online could have been great, but they relied on a company that hasn't done anything great since Everquest and also released an MMo on a console, a mistake in my book.

I am a huge Star Wars fan and will support this game till they shut the doors, but I doubt that will happen. As long as Bioware keeps the content going and not lax on it, this game will thrive. If you were one of the whiner's before about F2P and now your whinning cause it did go F2P then just shut up.
Also if your going to waste our time and ramble on how the game is dead and BW killed and that your going to quit, PLEASE DON"T, save us all from your own insanity and just quit. Seriously, your just taking up our bandwidth but residing your lag-tastic fail-nes. Save yourself the humiliation and just quit and don't post about it.
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