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12.19.2011 , 11:12 AM | #1
I've attempted to submit two tickets via in-game help tickets. However, after submitting the tickets, I do not see anything that indicates it's pending (even via the ticket History).

Regardless, I'll post my issue here.

I was was browsing the Dark Side Vendor items to see what's available. I hovered over the Blood-stained Boots. It said that I could right click + ctrl in order to modify it.

I took this to mean that I could see what it looks like if I were wearing it.

Unfortunately, it took my $8k, placed the item in my inventory. Now I have a piece of loot that I can't use and I'm short $8k. I am an Inquisitor that can only use Light Armor, not Heavy.

Two things:
1. May I have some assistance to refund the $8k and take the item back?
2. Can we have a Preference option that is on by default, that will prompt the user to verify that that he/she wants to purchase an item from a vendor? I believe this would alleviate issues like this in the future.

Thank you