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08.01.2012 , 01:06 PM | #9
How bout simply adding the Marauder's Leaps to the list of things that are affected by resolve? Its this simple, a marauder is faced down by 5 angry, charging opponenets.

Marauder leaps to healer, AOE flashbang, 5 people are stunned for 9 seconds while the marauder runs away.
Response: 3 of the 5 pop their CC break and prepare to fight.

Marauder number 2 leaps in, repeats marauder 1's tactic.

5 people stunned for 9-18 seconds depending on if they popped a CC break. the 2 marauders then start picking off the weakest to strongest until they are all dead. anyone who tries to run gets doubled leaped, stunning them for 2 seconds per leap. 5 people were CC'ed and killed with minimal resistance.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with that scenario??

For gods sake put the leap on the damn resolve system. OR wait for GW2 to steal your pvp player base. Whatever you do, if you do nothing, all that money your counting instead of doing your damn jobs will get smaller in the coming months.
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