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I think this is some of the things people for f2p are failing to take into consideration.. this is EA doing free to play. If their original ideas don't produce the desired revenue, this game will turn into a pay to win game guaranteed.
Every F2p game I have played eventually became p2w. Invariably items that were only available through either tedious grinding (if you were lucky) or through the cash shop (statistic boosting items that, unless you had.. you would always loose engagements) or pets (Think Phoenix in PWI) that gave the user an incredible advantage over non cash shop using players unless they spent hours and hours grinding coin to buy the items from players who paid for them to eventually get a Phoenix (I was the second player on my PWI server to acquire the Phoenix... it was an instant win in fights against almost anyone else in Territory wars until they became more common, there were ways to neutralize some of it's advantages but.. if you came up against a Venomancer with a Phoenix.. you could basically expect to die... quickly).