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Hello Archangel,

Your posts are always beautifully and eloquently written. You are no fool. However I have either greatly misinterpreted what you have written, or I have missed the point., in that it seems very clear to me what each class should be doing. I have never understood what people want as balance.

In my opinion there should not be balance. If there is total balance then it means that every tanking class, for example, should have exactly the same abilities and exactly the same equipment. This would be rubbish in my opinion. There is no other way to achieve balance. Your skill as a player will always outweigh the limitations of your class. In my opinion each class should retain its strengths and limitations.

Best regards and happy gaming ,
"You now understand why an exotic weapon or unfamiliar style will be more difficult to defend against, but until you become an expert in a particular style, in the heat of combat your mind will still struggle to grasp it's limitations."
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