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That WAS a good part of SWG. The crafting system was second to none, and I did like that I had a house that was a physical object in the game (not an instance). However, it didn't make up for the fact that there was zero endgame. SWTOR has Operations that are fun and challenging (for my guild anyway).

The I would be ok with the crafting of vanity items, and some form of player housing (the ship doesn't really cut it, unless they really let you modify the inside). Even as a master Armormech, I don't know if I want the BoS gear to be player made. Looting gear in a raid feel more rewarding than purchasing it on the GTN. glad someone else remembers that...that was a really fun part of that game for more...loot in general...they had some great ideas...yeah...i understand they cant added housing to the game...i'd prolly be ok with bigger ship and the ability REALLY customize it. i just get frustrated at games these days...everyone is the same...doesnt feel like the options are there anymore.