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Jedi need to die painfully so! I mean really the endless whine of my jedi my jedi is pathetic! You side gets to win every time in it's cliched cannoned good vs evil crap. Sith rule jedi drool! Besides jedi do not have thrones and since you jedi naturally stink it is only fair that you look like walking turds. DEATH TO THE JEDI!!!
I should not bother, because you're obviously a child. But, I was not talking at all about "Game Balance" - The rewards are a SITH THRONE and a SITH MASK. Where is the Jedi Master's chair? Where are the robes that look like they belong in Star Wars?

This is not about "Sith rule", this is about a company that hired an art department from the Warhammer MMO to create Republic armor that had no clue what a Jedi should look like. Yet, the Empire art department had a good number of Star Wars fans on their team.

So, unless you can comprehend what is being said in a given post, please do not reply.
"Only a Sith thinks of the Force in terms of power, a Jedi listens and feels the Force to achieve harmony with the Galaxy, and complete control and mastery of the Force." - Ancient Jedi Master A'ahrun Chengon