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I have no problem with Free 2 play or Freemium.

However, I fail to see how this model (only charging for people who want to use the GTN or access Operations) is going to make any money.

As someone who intends to continue to pay the subscription as long as I'm actively playing, I'd like to have seen the Free to Play limit for story content stop after Act 2. Make people who want to play to the end of their class story pay to access that part.
Same way lotro did they give you the base game then quickly add to it so you have things to advance your character further. I am guessing I will be using my cartel coins to buy more character slots which explains why they have kept saying more character slots coming soon hehe.

I personally see it as pure benefit if they stick to the current model they have now. I was in LOTRO when they started a very similiar model and i head all the doomsayers but you know what 3 months after the f2p launch and i was still playing the game the same as i was before except that there was now more folks in the game, lotro was making more money so I had a ton of new content. As long as they dont alter the cartel stores to paytowin I can see myself playing this game for a very long time and that is with me already having 5 50s and 2 more close.
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