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Executive Producer Jeff Hickman addresses the fans about our Free-to-Play announcement:

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Reason?:we wanted to be able to bring the game to more people.... ummm I think the reason is more like this: Star Wars has been such an overhyped dissapointment...

1.we pushed the release date back 4 or 5 times and still released it with hardly any of the features a game should have at launch...
2. Opened not nearly enough servers causing everyone to have to wait hours until play.

3. ilum was poorly designed and allowed for tilted poplulations to DOMINATE and farm battlemaster in a few hours for which we did nothing about... no 24 hour rollback... no nothing...

4. we then realized we needed more servers open so we opened WAY WAY to many of them causing the populations on servers to drop to 150 ish players so no one could do anything.

5. we figured PvP was something players actually had to spend time doing to achieve anything so we decided to make it so fresh-to-50 players could just buy the battlemaster gear after making others spend time working for it.

6. LAST, we woke up one morning and realized CRAP we now only have 10 servers open (literally) because we condensed population because of all the subscriber losses... We better do something AH HA!!! make the game free to play because no one is subscribing anymore and it is no longer profit making.....

So in short, above is the paraphrased version of what I think Mr. Jeff Hickman was trying to say......

Also I must give a congradulatory pat on the back to Swtor... this game went F2P faster than star trek online.... lmao.

Personally I will keep subscribing for now, and I hope the F2P raises the population again.. altho it wont help the raiders at all... See you all in game!! you have a 1/10 chance of being on my server!!

oh and as a personal request Bioware/EA/swtor/Jeff Hickman, can you please raise the amount of character slots for subscribing players.. thanks again..
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