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08.01.2012 , 08:28 AM | #492
There was no specifications yet given, yet there is so much panic. I don't actually see much difference, of course, if this will be done right.

I expect that:
all the content is available for subscribers. 100%. I mean there should not be any p2w items. If you are sub and you want to buy an item, the only things separating you from that must be level, proficiency requirements, and the amount of ingame currency. Not real money.

Money should not enable anything, that subs do not have by default. Maximum what f2p player would be able to do with money injections, should be unlocking the content that subs already have.

F2p should not be available anywhere, where teamplay or proper behavior is expected. That includes flashpoints, operations, warzones. Why? Try LOL (which actually has pretty good experience of trolls and how to deal with them). They have autobans, punishments and stuff, and they still suffer from trolling. SWTOR does not have a good anti-troll system. Therefore, areas requiring to have trust in teammates should be worth something.