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I can see that my subscription money has been going to making limits for those who will be playing F2P;Not, as you say, expanding. Where's the S/S romance we've been promised since before launch?
That would be next to the pile of other things we're still waiting for, like neutral gear, expanded story, proper space combat, character transfers where one can choose destination, flashpoints that meet Black Talon's quality, customer service, and everything else that most likely got de-prioritised the moment EA laid off a load of the staff. To be honest, this still feels rather like desperate last gasps rather than a sound planned business strategy. It might work, but as others have commented, F2P only draws people in. They have to want to keep playing & paying and that is contingent upon content & gameplay quality.

It is true that with an influx of players and money the game might well receive more support from EA, turn around and get more of those things we desire. However if I'm honest, my faith in TOR is on the decline since a whole series of band-aid fixes have been applied instead of building a proper foundation for the game in the first place (that by the by would most likely have retained the players they're trying to tempt back now). People might cry hindsight, but we pointed a lot of this out in beta and were ignored. My sympathies are with the actual developers & content creators for the game, because I'm prepared to bet they said a lot of the same and were also ignored.
For 2000 Cartel Coins, a year-old game breaking bug may get fixed.
For $20, an epic death scene for your character is unlocked to end your overly expensive class story. Subscribers pay $10.