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08.01.2012 , 07:56 AM | #486
Thought about this.. I have 173 days left on my sub but I've just cancelled because the game will be f2p.
Why? Well, I don't get time to play operations or even many FPs. Possibly just 1 or 2 FPs a month. I was paying so I could play if I wanted to, I was playing this rather than other mmorpgs because I had paid for it. So with not paying I can still do what I want just without the stupid vanity items. I'll probably end up playing different games and even restating my WoW sub. End result is that bioware just lost another subscriber and probably a player eventually.

If it becomes pay to win I'm out anyway but otherwise bioware just saved me 100/yr.

I've never been overly happy with the gameplay past level 15 tbh but was willing to keep a subscription going to aid development. I wanted to see flashpoints to the same quality as the first, proper space combat and more freedom of choice. Looks like that won't happen now, I get the feeling its all trinkets and re-hashed missions from here out.

For their sake I hope I'm not typical because if I am this game won't make it to Christmas!