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You obviously completely missed the point he was making, and for the record there will be no less than a handful of idiots running around doing and sayign anything just because they know it will not affect them negatively becasue they know they can turn around and make yet another account to come back and grief harass and be just in general a PITA. I've seen it first hand with several of the other games I played that went F2P. That is the quality of player you end up attracting with this model and is exactly why this model IS a bad idea, well at least if you are trying to give the appearance of trying to keep a more mature community.
If u see a idiot put him in ignorlist I dident see any idiots during beta. what about the people who cant pay dont u think they want to play this game it do not only attract idiots. Besides every time something new commes up u will always see people complanig u cant please everyone but *** isent it better to start playing for free? I dont know if u have played Rs befor but un that game I never even seen a idiot or maybe I just dident cear but still it was the most played F2P MMO. So I got the point but the good things are more than the negative. And I just tired of complains!
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