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Yes please. I want an HM Athiss and an HM Cademimu. I get the feeling that they don't know how to add a "hard" mechanic for Prophet of Vodel in Athiss and Rocket Man in Cademimu.
i can imagine some, imagining mechanics isn't hard, translate them into game code is the tricky part.

For example Last boss athiss.

There is 2 ice tank in the room, you have to dps it, it doesn't blow in one shot, when it blows it create a patch of ice on the ground. If a boss or the player is too close when it blow, it is temporary frozen.

You have to kite fireball into the patch of ice, 1 patch can extinguish 4 balls. The fireball does not disapear otherwise

Since you have a limited amount of ice tank (2) and fireball don't disapear, you have to kill the boss by the time he summons the 3rd series of fireball.

You could also have the fireball leaving fire trail on the ground that never disapear, kiting path become important.

you could have the boss alternate fire and frost ball and have 2 tanks, one of frost, the other of fire.

you could have the patch of frost or fire on the ground last only 15 seconds so you can't blow it far in advance and you have to kite quicky and efficiently.

You could have the boss having a cast that prematurely blow the ice or fire tank, that need to be interupted or the fight will be very difficult.

Let see what we could do for last boss cademinu.

one thing i could see is that the rocket send wave of fire, non continue, with a few holes in it and you need not only not be under the rocket but also move to be in the hole of the wave (other wise instant death of course, or very nasty dot). that could be easy but can quickly become sport if you have 3 rocket firing, 3 wave of fire, from 3 different direction.

once a rocket has been fired, the ground is heated up, so walking on it does hurt a little, a small dot, but you have to heal it since you can't stay under the other rocket that firing.

Rocket keep on firing, and keep on sending wave, never stop until you do something. Click on a switch or shoot a barrel near the rocket.

Rocket firing become more and more frequent, as well as fire wave to avoid, thus making it a soft enrage.
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