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The other night I was doing lost island with a buddy and he and I were able to get to Lorrick's second phase with only having to burn down one Kolto Tank. I was wondering how common this is, as it seems the dps requirement would be significantly high.
Hey, me again, ty for posting this on my post.
According to a website i found, Dr Lorrick has 307812 health on hardmode (which i assume you are referring to), and Aurajiin's info regarding the phase change says he switches to phase 2 at 40%. This means you have to put out around 184687 damage in the space of, idk, lets say 1.5 minutes before he reaches phase 2. This gives us around 1026 DPS per dps member of the group, not counting the damage from the tank. While i by no means have an in-depth knowledge of the top dps rotations, this would probably require some decent gear and a lot of skill.

So, gratz on the nice kill, and i'd have to say this is most likely not that common