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Biggest issue in many cases is people expecting to do things that their spec and class is not meant to do and play it like that. See all the time Immortal jugs (or atleast I think they are since they run around in tank stance) running with might stimm not using their taunts or guard, sorcs standing "tanking" 1-2 dps instead off kitting em etc. etc. People go into a WZ with the expectation to play there class and spec like it is not meant to be played. I play Immortal jug as main, my role is to prevent dmg via guard, taunt and controlling the enemy players. I use my CC constant, have 4 diffrent onces and my taunts are rearly off cd.. That is my role and thats how I play it. If I wanted to dps I whoud have repsect into rage or vengange tree. Versialielty off my class is big, but the spec got alot to say on how you play it.

On the topic off OP and Bioware comunication on how the classes are meant to work it is about time they make a clear deffinition on it. I am used from other PvP games that some have insane dps, but is "squisy" to level it out, some can take insane amount off dmg, but has low dps etc. etc. But personally feel that the balance is missing in the game in many cases and it starting to show in the game. I play Empire side and latly I noticed that I am facing more and more Vanguards in WZ and that I am playing with more and more powertechs. "Flavor off the month" I call it, but now it is getting out off hand. One WZ there were: 5 Vanguards and 4 Powertechs in the game of 16 players. Many low HP and seamed to be rerolls, but the worst part is they beat the snot out off full WH geared mara and a sorc dps. Now not saying they played perfect the mara and sorc, but when a 13.500 HP Vanguard (that is recruit gear) do more dmg then a WH mara that plays good, the numbers are off. Also face em alot on my jug and the time to set upp and the dmg output is just insane. Sure it be fine if they had to be stationary or "squisy" to counter this, but that is not the case. They kite like a boss and have cds to survive from a nuke. That is my personal OP winning, but point is the "matrix" as Bioware calls it need to be deifned and made clear, If you roll sorc you gone be "squishy", but you got ways to survive, jugs can take dmg and do dmg, but not the best etc. etc. Now it just feels like Bioware is making it and sticking to it instead off balancing it.

Sorry for bad english, but not my native langauge.