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I've looked over the information and noticed something that bothers me some. Collectors Edition buyers get 1000 cartel points, but Deluxe Edition buyers like me, get exactly squat. We paid more for our game then standard edition buyers and though I would have liked to purchase a CE, my finances determined that I had to go one step lower, to a DE purchase.

I would suggest that CE buyers get 1000 coins as they listed and that DE buyers get 500 coins. We did after all purchase a more expensive edition and it would seem to me to be only fair that we also get an additional compensation as the CE buyers get, though not as much as they get as obviously we didn't pay as much as they did.

I would like to see BW remember that they had THREE game purchase types at launch and stop forgetting those of us who may not have had the money to throw at a CE, but still tried to show BW that we supported them by purchasing the option we could afford.

Just adding this... AGREED!!