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Is not acceptable to be a f2p game even with 300k active users.
This is a joke for people who until now have given you credit.
Before you go to f2p had to wait for the 50k of active users, and if the fear of making Guild Wars 2 is increasingly being felt, were all wrong because the players who are still in the game are those who would have gone forward. So instead they were driving out!
I just hope that does not happen with poorer quality of play, but I fear that the game will look like from here to fall much further Diablo3 and this is bad!
Play is now losing its sense!

LOTRO would like to have a word with ya..

DDO became such a massive success that LOTRO which had 150k subscribers at the time switched over to f2p and ended up with something along the lines of a 1000%+ profit increase.