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08.01.2012 , 12:22 AM | #18
Tier 3 Flashpoints are what we need, not Nightmare versions of Tier 1.
Why would anyone want to put limits on content?

We have what we have currently. We want more, some want more of what they have enjoyed in the past, and others want more new stuff.
Where do I fit? Well, if my only choices are one or the other then I guess I'm on the fence. That means I want both. Not one over the other, not one more than another, but both. Old and new content.

Expand the game, not just pay options, but the game content. I will go for the easily achievable milestones with revamping loot tables and levels to HM and NM, as long as that is not the end of the expansion to the game.

At this point I am assessing the game, I am not the first and I wont be the last,, so what is going to make ME stay when most of the end game content is the same old same old, same FPs, dailies, or grind toons I "hate" to play just to get a frakking droid I cant really use in end game. MORE options, MORE content, MORE story (one of the best things in the game from levels 1 - 49), just MORE.

I am only here for the long haul if the game maker is as well.