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I've heard the SW story is one of the best in the game, but I was wondering, which story is more interesting?
As I understand it, the Darkside warrior is a pure Sith- Get what you need to know, then get rid of them.
The Lightside warrior seems much more complex-He wants do what is right, only kills when absolutely necessary, all while hiding his true self from his masters/The Emperor.

Both have their strengths, but which one really keeps you hooked on all the way through? Wanted to try LS but don't really know how well it'll really work out in the end for me.

Also, and this is a side note, which AC makes more "sense" during the story-Jugg or Mara? I'm leaning towards making a Mara, but it could go either way. Not looking at PvP or end game ops right now (although I will be eventually, so I want something that will make those easy while making the story enjoyable).

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