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07.31.2012 , 08:30 PM | #260
What happens if I decide to change from being a subscription player to a Free-to-Play member? What will happen to my credits, inventory, bank items, and characters?
Your account will automatically be downgraded and it will operate under the Free player restrictions. You will need to choose what items to keep with you within the restriction levels of the free access. Furthermore, you will be able to see, but not use, your excess credits, inventory slots, bank tabs, and extra characters.

Oh and us DDE purchasers are getting screwed here. We paid more for the initial buy and now we get nothing extra.

BW your lack of common sense is astounding.

What is really stupid is BW is letting people play the best part of their game for free. PvP, Ops, FP, end game content in general is a joke.
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If I can use blue 46s armorings/mods/enhancements in all of my armor and mh/oh and have competitive stats in a PvP environment, why cant I use that same gear to be competitive in PvE?
Seems like a double standard to me.