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I am thrilled the announcement finally came, since I've been waiting and predicting this would occur for nearly two years!

My hope is that they will emulate the LOTRO model as closely as possible, since it has been great for that game. Indeed, contrary to the myths that some would like folks to believe, it has added much to the game, not the least of which has been choice, variety in fluff, greater and faster content releases, and the ability to keep our Kinship (Guild) community together, despite some not being able to sustain more than one MMO subscription at a time.

I doubt most of those who were most bitterly opposed to this will actually leave. The game will surely gain far more active players for making this change, and the communities are certain to be stronger because of it.

Likewise, if this game matches the LOTRO experience in making the transition, we will not see the quality of players degrade. This was another myth put forward by people as LOTRO made the transition.

In the end, people kvetch, and those who moan about Freemium have their reasons. Those which they state openly, and the real reasons, which most won't dare say openly, be they would reveal them to be simply bitter and resentful.

But the challenges are still ahead for this game. It is not enough to just flip the switch. They must deliver. Freemium or not, if the content does not roll, people will bleed away. If they don't fix the core issues, the number of freeimies will grow and they will have the same problems as before.
Your post is filled with nothing but exactly the contrary of what happened with both of Turbines games when they went F2P. The only thing they really did was add more heads to the head count. The quality of players and content diminished so greatly that I as well as many of the people I knew from those games refuse to ever step foot through those games proverbial doors ever again.