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07.31.2012 , 07:00 PM | #216
I am not sure what to make of this move. I do get in this day and age F2P options are a part of most MMO's like GW2 and STO went that way and is doing really well.

But I don't want to find myself paying 8.99 a month and someone who is F2P is flying around in some awesome speeder that he bought for 9.99 in real cash. I mean great you limiting F2P quite heavily and essential they are getting KOTOR 3 with some limited social stuff fine. But don't let the subscribers down with giving them something like 200 coins a month and having something that costs 2000 coins because I like most people here can't afford to carry on subscriptions and paying for items with real cash as well. As someone said above make subscribers feel like they being rewarded for carrying on their subscriptions. Also don't forget to keep updating the CE vendor and digital deluxe vendor (which by the way still only has one thing on it).

Also please don't do the whole you can buy this for x cartel coins which only lasts x amount of time (hate those things it's like what's the point of buying them) except of course the boosts (xp/WZ comms etc).

Hopefully this will help the game carry on for the future and I hope this isn't a sign that the game is going to be closed down cause I really like this game and I been looking forward to playing this game since the rumor was leaked in Star wars galaxies that BW was taking over to make a new MMO.