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07.31.2012 , 06:05 PM | #97
I guess well have to wait and see what said New content is. Anything raid related is good, I'd be over the moon with revamped Nightmare mode for all 3 ops as it'd be something new to sink our teeth into even if its 90% still the same ops.

Whenever the new stuff hits PTS will be the only real indicator of roughly when well get it though. But as you said for it to be in August it must be on PTS within like 2 weeks. Somehow I suspect that may not be the case though. Surely if New ops are to be tested new copies of our live chars with up to date gear will be needed, which they should inform us how to do so ahead of time.

If it wernt for your suggestion about the content advertised with f2p being Terror plus HK and new dailies, I might have guessed the new content for August to be HK and new dailies :P
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