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So we have now heard that we can expect new content coming in August, and we have heard that the new Operation Terror From Beyond will be "coming soon." Will Terror From Beyond be part of the content releasing in August? Will Nightmare EC be coming out instead, or at the same time? When can we expect to get on the PTS to start testing one or both of these? Hopefully it will be with the next week or so if there is going to be sufficient time to test and tune before a late August release.

If not, we're still waiting for more clarity on what "coming soon" means while GW2 and Mists of Pandaria launch dates are quickly approaching.
Denova had what, a 3 weeks PTS or 4 total before release? So PTS needs to be released this Thursday to match those same timelines. From a personal standpoint only (not the guild's) I don't have much faith in BW at this point. Their definition of new content could be a whole whopping 1 flashpoint and 5 new daily quests.
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