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07.31.2012 , 05:13 PM | #127
Since I read the F2P page and signed in for about 30mins, i've seen 2 guildmates sell all there items, give there cash to someone, drop guild with last message,"good bye, i'm uninstalling SWTOR now."
So based on my first 30 minutes, on the day of the annoucement, this game is LOSSING END GAME PLAYERS. Which is funny when EA is trying to get new people wth this new F2P thing; time they get here no one will be here (but some dps classes i'm sure lol) so it'll take them 6 months just to get to ec, assuming they are allowed in, or not bored and quit, or by then i'm sure there will be a much better MMORPG out to play and; BAM. ALL ea's free to play plans used against them because they were to busy thinking about their own game and forgot that other gaming companies see them pushing a million of their fans away, and make or find a way to atract them to other games. Which is already happening, people are talking about going back to wow, DnD, ....

Personally I can't stop but to laugh at Ea, they make a MMORPG of one of the ALL TIME BEST EPIC SYFY movies of all time, make a really nice MMORPG out of it; THEN (And here is the BEST part) they find ways to push away all there present subscribers with the hope of getting more NON subscribers that do not have to pay. SO whom ever is running ea apparently DOES NOT LIKE money lol; since so far he/she is pushing away paying customers for non paying ones. Thats like paying to eat at a restaurant then the server comes over and says, "even though you are paying, we are seating this homeless man at your table who is not paying to eat for free with you."lol
Next patch will be called, "The Great EXODUS of the old republic", all the founders leaving, assuming they have not already.....