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07.31.2012 , 04:57 PM | #104
Can't find the article that showed how much more money F2P games + cash shop make over P2P subs games, basically exploiting ppl addiction to the game.

So my worries are:
- How will you handle the server lag with all this new players coming? servers already barely hold and WZs lag like crazy as we are now.

- Cash shop? what do you consider "not-game breaking"? I'm cool with cash shops as long as all you sell are vanity items, or exp/drops buffs, speeders similar to those in-game, whatever.
The moment I see p2w items i'm gone (paying a sub or no) don't want to even see items like 200% speeder with no chance to dismount, costumes/clothing with +XX to all attributes, + expertice items, HP or atk speed/power buffs/scrolls, etc......been there before, is not fun.

- In game economy, you let ppl trade items from the cash shop or be BoP? what happens to gather and sell in the GTN if you sell crafting mats in the cash shop?....again seen it before, again not fun.

The big issue, it's that I've seen all this before, cash shop starts with vanity items only and sooner or later they start to sell p2w items forcing both subs and F2P guys to use $$$ to be able to compite at top end pvp/e.
That's why I stopped playing F2P games and started playing P2P ones, I can name you 10 f2p mmos where you need to spend USD 50+ just to be able to compite.