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07.31.2012 , 04:57 PM | #103
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I think you need to realise 90% of the items in the cash shop are going to be aimed at getting the F2P players to spend cash on boosts.

Someone like myself who has multiple level 50s and does not need/want to level another character only has Operations and a few more WZs to look forward to, how is that worth $15 a month?
Especially since the rate of endgame content release is likely to drop from here on out, and as it is we've gotten just 1 additional operation since launch. How is the rate we already have supposed to entice someone to a sub of $15 a month just to play it? Because knowing the rate it already releases at is about to slow I'm having a very hard time justifying why I'd pay when if I play most other F2P mmos they're new content rate may be slow as molasses but at least I'm not paying to play that slow releasing endgame content.