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07.31.2012 , 04:53 PM | #97
Thanks Bioware, you officially gave me a reason to go buy GW2.

All I can say is your company is short sighted, unskilled, and simply bad at what your supposed to be doing for this game. You drove away most of your players that you had from this game, by not listening to beta testers who told you over and over that V/O wasn't going to sell your game to the majority of the MMO community(they don't care about it prove me wrong, go look at your statistics and see how many of us spacebar through this crap you spent all your money on during development). You failed to create a combat system that was free of major ability delay, the animations were cool, but many lackluster and boring. You failed to created meaningful and good PvP, you failed at creating good endgame PvE content.

Your final mistake is not even trying to make the sub model work, and making it apparent to all of us that have stayed subbed through the dark days of dead servers, that you don't care about the money we gave you, you are a greedy fat person at a buffet always going for more. In other words your slapping those of us that have stuck w/ you in the face.

This will be the last month I sub to SWTOR, I am going to GW2, and whatever MMO's come along after that I will never give Bioware or EA another dime of my money for any game.

To everyone at Bioware you are terrible MMO developers, stay out of this industry, never come back, just close the game in November, it will go down as a bigger success than the F2P garbage you are introducing.


No Fanbois can save you now Bioware your game's going to crash and burn like the crapfest it is.

The reality is your game is so bad in it's current state that even as F2P there are so many better options.

What sets your game apart atm only thing is V/O and all next gen MMO's have it so have fun failing BioFail.

Much Hate thanks for giving up on us, we didn't give up on you.......

I find it completely hard to believe that you aren't covering operating costs w/ 20 heavy-very heavy servers every night, it just shows your greedy, and don't know how to tell your bosses at EA NO and that your players will revolt at this idea.

Keep failing BioFail it's what you are good at......